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Bankruptcy Lawyers Offer a Written Guarantee in Raleigh, NC

Most people’s reactions to their own overwhelming debt is to go to bed, pull the covers over their heads and not answer the phones.

They dread the calls of credit card debt collectors or other bill collectors. They may be facing repos and forclosure. Drowning in debt, struggeling with bills, they just mentally shut down. It becomes a downward spiral. They suffer, their family suffers, and often marital problems develop.

Life is serving knock-out punches. We recognize this; let us help you get back on your feet. — It is never too late for a fresh start!

If you just stumbled upon our web site, you probably don’t know us from Adam.

We want you to feel secure with Sheree as your attorney in your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. That is why we have our “A+” BBB® rating, our NC Bar #31432, our 10+ years of experience as a debtor bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh, NC, our references, and our GUARANTEE!

Legally we cannot offer any guaranteed outcome in any case. We can offer a return of attorney’s fees if a case is dismissed.

If we do not think you can receive a discharge in a Chapter 7 or 13, we will not take your case! Can we be more fair than that?

The Bankruptcy GUARANTEE

If any of our clients cannot receive a discharge, AND

  1. the case dismissal was NOT due to the client(s) withholding information, or providing misleading information;
  2. the case dismissal was NOT due to the client(s) being late in paying ANY payments, fees, or fines;
  3. the case dismissal was NOT due to the client(s) not appearing on time or not attending any scheduled meeting or court;
  4. the case dismissal was NOT due to the client(s) deciding not to go through with the bankruptcy with Cameron Bankruptcy Law,
  5. the case dismissal was NOT due to changes in law.

At your our discretion, we will refund the client(s) the attorney fees or re-file the bankruptcy at Cameron Bankruptcy Law’s expense.

Costs such as: court fees, fees for motions, and fees to pull credit reports are not refundable – but lawyer’s fees are.





Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 – Why Are Ours
So Much More Affordable Than Other Raleigh, NC Attorneys

  1. Cameron Bankruptcy Law is a Husband/Wife Team.

    Sheree is the bankruptcy lawyer and Kerry, her husband, is her paralegal. We are family and will treat you like family.

  2. Our law office is in our home so we can be close to our family.

    This means we don’t have to raise our fees for the massive overhead a separate attorney’s office brings. It also means we are much more accessible — often even in the evening and on weekends. Typically, we meet people at a local business, and sometimes in their homes, making things relaxed and friendly. We have been doing this for over 10 years!

  3. We have been doing Chapter 7s and Chapter 13s for over 10 years now in Raleigh, NC and surrounding area,

    and have perfected the way to save you money (along with earning a coveted “A+” rating with BBB®)!

  4. We ONLY do Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

    Attorney Sheree Cameron isn’t juggling several types of law (NOT being a “Jack of All Trades”, and she narrows her focus on just your bankruptcy!

  5. With most lawyers, a HUGE amount of money is spent on advertising.

    Those other lawyer’s clients (that could have been you) pay for it by paying higher fees – sometimes MUCH higher. Cameron Bankruptcy Law does not pay for advertising other than for this website (which Kerry created).

  6. We do most things via email, and prefer it.

    While we like to meet you face-to-face for the initial free consultation, you only NEED to meet face-to-face with us once right before filing. This means you don’t have to take off valuable time from work to wait in a bankruptcy attorney’s office!

  7. We do get a lot of referrals,

    and would appreciate yours! Unfortunately, it is illegal for a lawyer to compensate anyone for referring them. We thank you in advance!

  8. We know things are tight, so we have a “Pay-as-You-Can” Plan.

    We know that even with our lower Chapter 7 prices, most people need some time to come up with the $899. Our first attorney consultation is free, and if you decide to file bankruptcy, as long as you pay SOMETHING each month, that’s OK!

  9. We will start working with you

    on your Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy when you have paid $300 so you can get some immediate relief.

  10. We do offer discounts

    to our already low fees to military, teachers and law enforcement, as well as discounts for low fixed-income individuals and families!


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